merkely pipeline artifact report creation

merkely pipeline artifact report creation #

Report an artifact creation to a Merkely pipeline.

Synopsis #

Report an artifact creation to a pipeline in Merkely. The artifact SHA256 fingerprint is calculated and reported or,alternatively, can be provided directly. The following flags are defaulted as follows in the CI list below:

| Bitbucket 
| git-commit : ${BITBUCKET_COMMIT}
| build-url :${BITBUCKET_WORKSPACE}/${BITBUCKET_REPO_SLUG}/addon/pipelines/home#!/results/${BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER}
| Github 
| git-commit : ${GITHUB_SHA}
| build-url : ${GITHUB_SERVER_URL}/${GITHUB_REPOSITORY}/actions/runs/${GITHUB_RUN_ID}
| Teamcity 
| git-commit : ${BUILD_VCS_NUMBER}
merkely pipeline artifact report creation ARTIFACT-NAME-OR-PATH [flags]

Options #

  -t, --artifact-type string   The type of the artifact. Options are [dir, file, docker].
  -b, --build-url string       The url of CI pipeline that built the artifact. (default "")
  -u, --commit-url string      The url for the git commit that created the artifact. (default "")
  -C, --compliant              Whether the artifact is compliant or not. (default true)
  -d, --description string     [optional] The artifact description.
  -g, --git-commit string      The git commit from which the artifact was created. (default "640b7926a585aee68a6ccec17ffa96c860c130ee")
  -h, --help                   help for creation
  -p, --pipeline string        The Merkely pipeline name.
  -s, --sha256 string          The SHA256 fingerprint for the artifact. Only required if you don't specify --artifact-type.

Options inherited from parent commands #

  -a, --api-token string      The merkely API token.
  -c, --config-file string    [optional] The merkely config file path. (default "merkely")
  -D, --dry-run               Whether to send the request to the endpoint or just log it in stdout.
  -H, --host string           The merkely endpoint. (default "")
  -r, --max-api-retries int   How many times should API calls be retried when the API host is not reachable. (default 3)
  -o, --owner string          The merkely user or organization.
  -v, --verbose               Print verbose logs to stdout.


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